Sunday, 3 March 2013

This Ain't her First Rodeo

Walking Disaster - Jamie McGuire
S&S - Available April 2013

As you may recall I super enjoyed book 1 Beautiful Disaster and could hardly contain my enthusiasm for the coming of book 2 luckily I know someone important so I got in early and I certainly haven't been disappointed!

This time the same tale is told by Travis Maddox, bonafied bad boy and womaniser though you know the story and vaguely remember what's coming next it's still just as compelling and had me turning pages faster and faster as I remembered it all over again. Thankfully Jamie doesn't go easy on us giving a genuine and at times, rather unfortunate view into the male mind (seriously dudes can be gross). I've always been a fan of a story told from a guy's POV, I feel like I've been let in on a secret society where all of my suspicions can be confirmed and faith in the male species restored, Travis has a confidence and anger that is rarely felt by a female character and the brilliant one liners where he and his cousin take the piss out of each other are gold!

Cleverly this time round an epilogue has been added telling 'what came next' for Travis and Abby which freshens the story and rounds it out beautifully giving a sense of closure for the characters and a real happy ever after, without this I feel it could have drifted into the realm of 'more of the same'.

This story proves that the one is worth fighting for and tamed bad boys really are every bit as awesome as we imagined they might be so keep trying ladies cause who wouldn't want their very own Travis Maddox?? 

P.S I already found mine :)

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