Tuesday, 30 April 2013

More plot twists than a Bourne film

ACID - Emma Pass
Available - May 2013

The year is 2113 and England has been cut off from the rest of Europe after massive economic decline of the GFC making it into the Independent Republic of Britain (IRB) and its new governing body is a police force on steroids - ACID (Agency for Crime Investigation and Defence) who rule the populace with an iron fist, mired in conspiracy.

London has been segregated into three very different sections, wealthy Upper, Middle (as the name would suggest) and poverty stricken Lower. Jenna Strong a former resident of Upper and Daughter of a high ranking ACID agent has been incarcerated in Mileway prison after being found guilty of murdering both of her parents… albeit accidentally while rebelling against the life partner scheme all 17 year olds are bound to uphold.

This is an edgy sci fi story with a kick ass protagonist who goes through absolute hell I mean this girl is put back together more times than Katniss Everdeen! The technology is advanced but relatable and Emma portrays a scary picture of what could be making me feel extra grateful for how free we really are in our present.

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