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Hot Scandi crime you'll love

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Snow White Trilogy - Salla Simukka
As Red as Blood (Bk1) As White as Snow (Bk2) As Black as Ebony (Bk3)
Final instalment available from September 2015

I can honestly say that I absolutely adored this entire series, Lumikki as a protagonist is smart, strong, unique and sensual. She's the kind of girl you want to be best friends with even if it brings you a world of trouble because you know that whatever you faced, you could handle it with her by your side (God, girl crush much? sorry). The series has been expertly translated from its original Finnish and is set in Tampere, Finland with book 2 making a summer sojourn to Prague. Honestly its the kind of book that will have you researching the poetry she reads because its just so dark and beautiful or listening to the music she loves just to get a sense of her mood. Salla's sophisticated and emotive writing shines through beautifully, you can’t help being swept away... 

Over the three novels Lumikki faces three separate dangers making each book a conclusive story in itself while throughout the series there is an undercurrent of her own troubled formative years and an investigation into her shadowy past. Add to that a killer love story with a twist and you have a moody scandi crime trilogy that will have your heart racing as you burn through the pages, the only downside? they are all so small! Avid readers will have this series dusted off in a day!

Trust me, this one is worth trying and great news! I have just spied that book 1 is currently on super special at Booktopia, check it out:


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