Sunday, 10 March 2013

If love were a disease would you take the cure?

Pandemonium - Lauren Oliver

Requiem, the eagerly awaited conclusion to Delirium and Pandemonium will be here in a matter of days! (the 13th to be exact, excitement much?) that being said I thought it the opportune moment to give you my delayed review for Pandemonium as often when I love a series I will wait as long as I can before reading to save on the disappointment I feel when faced with the lengthy wait for the next book, albeit not the best plan but it's all I've got! Naturally Pandemonium was well worth the wait and just as I feared it emulated the first book with a massive jaw-dropping cliff hanger (don't worry I wont spoil it for you). For those of you who likewise hate the wait and for some reason haven't picked up this series yet then this is your chance to discover a fab new author and a captivating new world to escape into.

The story picks up a little ways after the end of Book 1 and Lena has had to make some hard choices on where to place her trust while living with a group of rebels where life is tough and still mourning the loss of Alex, the man she braved the outlawed disease of 'Delirium' for. As Lena spends more time with her saviours she is swept up in to the rebel cause but even as she goes along with their plans she has the sense that they aren't giving her all their trust either.

Then there comes Julian who she feels such a connection with but can she really go there so soon after Alex?? Lena's story is full of bravery, heartbreak and suspense and I have a feeling that the series finale will be more of the same and shocking to say the least - let the count down begin!

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