Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Return to Paris

Until I Die - Amy Plum
Available Now - Sorry I'm a bit late on this one. 

There's nothing I love more than going somewhere far away for a holiday and reading a good book set in my chosen destination so, as I had a trip to Paree planned for Christmas I made myself hold off on reading this follow up to Die for Me knowing what awesome heightened holiday experience awaited me *glee*

Reading about Kate and Vincent's world while seeing and feeling it was really special, as I explored Montmartre or read in a cosy cafe because Amy Plum gives you such a feel for life in Paris that reading and reality blissfully merged together so effortlessly. 

Continuing the love story of Kate (human) and Vincent (Revenant) and their somewhat doomed situation the two are desperately seeking a way to assuage Vincent's constant desire to sacrifice himself saving others to save Kate for the harrowing heartache that it causes. The sequel builds on the already strong characters of book one and introduces some new faces and their murky motives to the mix, with major upheaval in the revenant world and everyone chasing after an ancient prophecy about the 'chosen one' its all on for young and old (or in this case very, very old). There was also another mystery moment between Kate and Jules…Is Jules secretly pining after Vincent's girl?? Stay tuned for certain disaster here!

So if you would love a virtual trip to the city of lights with a dash of romance and more than a hint of intrigue (and really who isn't?) then this is for you!

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