Thursday, 7 April 2011

My first foray as a Reviewer...

Daughter of Smoke and Bone - Laini Taylor
Hachette - Hodder 
Release date: Oct 2012

I am exceptionally lucky to be able to start you off on such amazing footing, unfortunately for everyone else this wont be available until October however I'm sure you will hear plenty about it before then!
So here goes...

Let me begin by saying that this is unlike anything else I have ever read and as such I wont bother making any comparisons. 
It's delicious and intoxicating and capable of making you resent anything that comes between you and your devouring of Karou's story. Best described as an epic fantasy adventure filled with myths and mysteries, Angels and Demons, star-crossed love and deadly betrayal where two worlds are joined but remain separate, and war is waged by two opposing sides of the same coin - the only victor, the beast of war itself .

Laini writes with whimsical imagination as she introduces our main character the mysterious blue haired Karou - orphaned daughter to a handful of human/beast melds called Chimera, who exist solely it would seem within the walls of a shop that barters in teeth and located in a place that is only known to her as 'Elsewhere' . I yearned along with Karou to know her past and the reason for her 'hollowness' as I'm sure you will too and without giving too much away, was intrigued by the revelations that followed.

I can hardly wait to be enveloped in the next instalment of this amazing tale!

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