Thursday, 7 March 2013

Two lives are better than one…right?

Between the Lives - Jessica Shirvington
Harper Collins - Available May 2013

Extraordinarily uniqe, genuine and clever, Jessica weaves an interesting tale turning 'what if's' into reality… what if you were living to lives? What if those two lives existed side by side, doubling your days living one day here only to repeat it there, and what if something big changed? Like what physically happened to you in one life suddenly stopped occurring in the other, what would you do??

Our heroine Sabine is written beautifully, you feel her despair and resignation, her spirit and strength as she bravely straddles her two worlds knowing her abnormality and doing her best to keep it hidden from her friends and family to keep them happy and herself safe but all the while loosing a little piece of herself in the bargain.

Just after turning 18 Sabine finds that a broken arm in one world has not transpired to the next as it would have done in the past which leads her to discover that her two lives can now be separated like they never were before, but with this new discovery comes a choice - Two lives or one? Would you take one complete life or two extraordinary ones? And what is really at stake? Sabine thinks she knows which life she would prefer however we all know life can change in an instant…so what (or who) is around the corner for Sabine?

Put this one on your must have list! you won't be able to put it down, promise ;)


  1. Just finished reading this and I loved it! From mi x

    1. Thanks mi :) Great twist huh? I loved it too. Have you read Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor? I think you'd really like it x