Thursday, 14 February 2013

Don't give up your day Job, oh wait, you already did…

Necromancing the Stone - Lish McBride
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I absolutely loved the first book in this series Hold me Closer Necromancer and let me tell you some of the events that transpire in this long awaited sequel can only be described as disturbing yet Lish's wicked sense of humour makes even the most morbid scenes incredibly entertaining! So much so that you will certainly be given some weird looks on the bus as you snigger out loud to yourself while shaking your head (hehehahahahehehehe….ahhh).

Meet Sam, no longer a fry cook but now a newly discovered Necromancer and the likewise new owner of a mansion full of disgruntled staff - if you call stone Gladiators, shrubbery and Gnomes with a lack of potty training staff - add to this drama, Sam's best friend has recently been turned into a were-bear, his baby sister has been threatened and his relationship has taken a severe nose dive, oh and did I mention a Gnome keeps pissing on his bed? Yeps Sam's got a lot of "stuff" going on  but not to worry he handles it all with a smile and some witty repartee. If your after a good fun read then I implore you to put this at the top of your pile!

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