Thursday, 11 October 2012

Beautiful Days and Sparkling Nights

Beautiful Days - Anna Godberson
Penguin - Available Now

Firstly I need to apologise for all of the sequels I have been reviewing lately of which this is another  - due to all of this free time I'm actually finishing series rather than reading the first and having to move on, thank the Gods.

So, this is the follow on from Bright Young Things and another glamorous offering highlighting the lives of New Yorks brightest young stars in the era of Jazz, speakeasies and danger masquerading as a good time, where life as you know it can turn on a dime and your next big break is just around the corner...

Featured are the same three hopefuls of the last book: the self named starlet on the rise Letty Larkspur, self involved good time girl Astrid Donal and the mysterious heir to a rum running empire Cordelia Grey and now is the time for each girl to find her destiny! You may fondly remember Anna's previous series the 'Luxe' based in the same town in an earlier time (late 1800's turn of the century for those of you who don't) which I absolutely loved - I have to be honest with you this series doesn't manage to hit the same height, don't get me wrong its still gorgeous and fun like only she can do but the characters I found a little grating at times as each of the three girls take turns self obsessing and whining as things don't go their way, which I suppose in a way is quite true to life as we all grow up and realise the sky isn't falling each time we have a set back (hell I think I'm still learning this one). 

At this stage there is only the two books available but this makes them a quick and enjoyable read with enough closure and perfect for those roaring 20's fans! I found by doing some minor detective work that book 3 The Lucky Ones should be out via Harper in December this year so keep your eyes peeled for another beautiful package from Anna around Christmas. 

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