Friday, 19 October 2012

Expect the Unexpected

The Raven Boys - Maggie Stiefvater
Schoolastic - Available, its brand NEW y'all! 

Well, Maggie's done it again! another tale I can't get out of my head and yet again I find I'm having trouble surmising into words what I feel or what it was all about except that I loved it and need more.

What I love most about Maggie's writing is her characters - they are warm, familiar and incredibly sensible, so much so that no matter what weird situation they get themselves into you can't help but take it as seriously as they do, be it boys that are also wolves (Shiver, one of my all time fave series) or mystic happenings on a magical ley line as its the case in this new series.

Like her previous stories the plot line is fractured into 3 or more view points which I always find engrossing, the different perspectives make for a very well rounded story and allow for greater character depth. Set in Henrietta USA we first meet Blue Sargent and her mother's entertaining female household of clairvoyants, Blue is individuality personified and while she has no psychic abilities herself, her special talent is amplifying the energies around her and helping others to 'see' more clearly. Now you may think that living in a house full of seers would be interesting and at times helpful unless of course the future they predict is yours and involves you killing your true love with a kiss, poor Blue! 

Enter the Raven Boys - rich entitled youths playing with their parents money and Blues last choice as love interests until fate brings them together and seeing their depth blurs the lines between what Blue thought she knew and what she wants to know more of…it would seem even sensible girls can be  seduced by the best of intentions. 

The Cabeswater Chronicles will be a four book series and I eagerly await book 2. 

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