Saturday, 25 February 2012

Teen Romance based in reality.

Eleanor and Park – Rainbow Rowell
Hachette – Available May 2012

Don’t let the author’s name lead you to believe that this is a story of sunshine and bunnies. True there is an epic love story at work but it is nestled between real life problems of broken families, domestic abuse and each characters own feelings of alienation.

Park is the only Asian kid in a middle America white-bread town and like the opposite of what everyone else seems to be into, enter Eleanor, larger than average with curly red hair and a flamboyant dress sense spawned from wearing whatever has the least holes in it from her woeful poor wardrobe.

Eleanor’s shattered family life is slowly eclipsed by her growing feelings and time spent with Park and his loving family, drawing her out of her shell and helping Park to see the love he already has with the acceptance he thought he needed.

Reading the character growth and blooming love and lust (don’t worry all G rated) of these well drawn characters is entrancing and all consuming. However if your after a tale with a neatly tied up ending then this isn’t the book for you, trust me – you’ll find yourself wanting more.

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