Thursday, 2 February 2012

Aye, it's set in Scotland!

Stonemouth – Iain Banks
Hachette – Available April 2012

Our story begins with the dubious return of Stewart Gilmour to his costal home town of Stonemouth, Scotland after being unceremoniously run out of the Toun five years previous. Waiting for him are his Family, Friends, old flame and old life that is familiar and relieving as much as it is disappointing and diminished in his opinion. However also lying in wait are the Murston Clan – the reason behind his running and even though Stu is back in town to pay respects to the recently departed Grandfather Jo Murston they seem to be having some trouble putting the past in the past and some still crave retribution…

Despite the somewhat ominous feel often delved into, the story is still incredibly entertaining and filled with loveable characters and that brilliant Scottish brogue (I swear the highly versatile word ‘Aye’ has now worked its way into my regular vocabulary much to the amusement of my friends and family).

It is wonderfully nostalgic and witty as well as quite lyrical when Stu describes his beautifully troubled town creating a funny, touching, relevant and generally uplifting read!

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