Sunday, 26 February 2012

I see Demons

The Boy Who could See Demons – Carolyn Jess-Cooke
Hachette – Available May 2012

A startling look into the curious workings of the human psyche and the darkest places it can take us, perfect for fans of ‘The Six Sense’.

I loved the characters that create the duel dialogue of this novel, first and foremost is 10 year old Alex, the star of the story who is wonderfully warm, funny and so caring of his severely depressed mother Cindy…he also happens to be best friends with a Demon – Ruen.

The other half of this tale features Anya, Alex’s psychiatrist who’s interest moves beyond professional when Alex’s case becomes a stark reminder of her own troubled daughter Poppy’s who died 4 years previous.

As Ruen makes his presence known Anya finds herself questioning her diagnosis and her belief in the reality of personal ‘demons’ and their role in the suffering and temptation of our race. Which poses an interesting question…can the baser level urges of suffering humans – such as depression, greed, self-hatred and harming really be fuelled by lecherous nether realm demons?? That I will let you read and decide – its well worth discovering!

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