Monday, 11 August 2014

You don't have to be GOOD to be PERFECT

The Perfectionists - Sara Shepard
Available - October 2014
Sara Shepard, the author of the bestselling series Pretty Little Liars, has written a new YA thriller series that's sure to grab some excitement. Guest Blogging today is my Cousin Jemmima, she's my go to girl for a second opinion and all reading related goss…heres what she thinks (keeping in mind I forgot to tell her it was a series, oops!)
'The Perfectionists' is a new novel following five girls - Ava, Julie, Caitlin, Parker and Mackenzie - and their hate for the same rich, arrogant bully, Nolan Hotchkiss, who's put them all through hell. After being put together for a class assignment, the  girls discover their mutual hate for Nolan and talk about the ways that they would kill him. Of course they're only kidding, but then... Nolan turns up dead exactly how the girls would have done it. The girls realise they need to find Nolan's real killer - before they get charged for his murder themselves.
This is one of those intriguing YA books that makes you curious from the very beginning. It was interesting getting to know the girls via their back-stories - although at  first it was a little difficult trying to keep up with who was who. Overall the book was a great read that kept me hanging on wanting to know what was next, however there are a few parts that if not dealt with in a sequel, would have become completely useless and irrelevant. I like the idea of there being a sequel, just to be able to prolong the story a bit more. Another thought was that it's already quite similar to Pretty Little Liars, which I can deal with for two books but no more. I think it would be so disappointing if Shepard tries to drag this series on for too long without resolving any of the story lines just like PLL.
Well looks like it will be a sure hit with PLL fans and I have heard mention that it has already been scooped up for a TV adaptation! Lets just hope that Sara can pull off something that is still unique and exciting in its own right. Thanks Mima!

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