Monday, 25 August 2014

Worlds Collide, Magic Reigns, Love Burns…

Trial by Fire - Josephine Angelini
Available - September 2014

In this trans-dimensional magical thriller we see a version of what could have been, had the witches of Salem been fuelled by the very pyre's that consumed them. Crucibles made of human flesh that can turn the raw power of flame and the heat of combustion into energy…

The story begins in our ordinary version of Salem, Massachusetts where we are introduced to Lily Proctor, a sweet 16 year old plagued by allergies to pretty much anything and everything. She is also in love with her best friend Tristan who sadly, happens to be the town bike (to put it bluntly). We round off Lily's entourage with a beautiful and caring sister Juliet who is mostly away at college, a mentally unstable Mum and finally a Dad who decided it was all too much and has for all intents and purposes run away. The best thing about Lily's character? She's a fighter, she's constantly and terribly sick and her home life is far from perfect but she never complains or chucks in the towel and this strength of spirit is what propels her through everything to come. After a disastrous night out Lily hits an all time low and is faced with a choice that seems to be too good to be true - an escape from the place and people that have hurt her. What she thinks is just her subconscious tempting her to leave everything behind turns out to be her powerful doppleganger who drags her unknowingly to another plane, a world where witchcraft rules and she is their Queen. This Queen who seems so much like her hides a dark secret, pushing her to root out every source of science in her Kingdoms resulting in the deaths of so many seemingly innocent people - is what she's doing for a greater good or has she become dangerously delusional?

Combining beautifully clever magic and the dawn of the nuclear age this tale has it all, action, suspense, lust and even a little romance…beware the massive cliffhanger ending though because like me you will end up practically salivating with the need to know what happens next! Sadly it's still a month off being published here but worry not! I have just read on Josephine's Blog (check it out here its pretty epic) that her rough draft for book 2 Trail of Tears has been finalised… 

I'm opening up the voting lines…which cover do you like most? And which will we be getting??

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