Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Vivian Apple and the End of Days

Vivian Versus the Apocalypse - Katie Coyle
Available Now - Book 2 Vivian V's America due out this month! 

Vivian Apple is an ordinary teenager in an extraordinary time. The story is set in our present day America with a few marked differences, it has all of our times trade mark natural disasters but on steroids - earthquakes, floods and fires and social landslides with shootings and terrorists. The other difference is a new bastardised brand of Christianity known as the Church of Frick, combining the worst parts of religion like bigotry and tunnel vision with a consumer capitalist element that America does so well. The leader of the Church Beaton Frick has prophesied a Rapture for the true believers and six months later the Apocalypse for those who remain! 

Our story begins on Raptures Night Eve, Vivian and her wild best friend Harp, both non believers who's parents have been swept up in the push to be the best believers they can be to assure their ascension to the Heavens - strangely the fact that their atheist children will remain behind doesn't seem to be a priority at all. To everyones shock and awe the Rapture actually happens, the remaining believers left behind are confused and distraught wondering why they weren't sucked up into God's good graces and looking to lay the blame on anyone else. Viv and Harp now find themselves all alone in a pre-apocalyptic count down as the country goes crazy anticipating the end of the world and having nothing else better to do they follow some very tenuous leads on a cross country road trip with a vague hope of finding their parents in the heart of the church. 

They meet some great characters along the way and even join up with a hippie commune along the way and what they find at the end is the biggest surprise of all. This is a coming of age story like no other and Viv is going to discover the true meaning of family - they are who you choose them to be.

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