Tuesday, 4 March 2014

The World… After.

World After - Susan Ee
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Reading a great book is like gazing into a beautiful painting for so long that you begin to see yourself reflected within, as no doubt was the artist's intention - to make the unfamiliar familiar.

For those of you who headed my advise on the first brilliant book in this series then like me you are no doubt eagerly awaiting the next instalment…well the wait is blessedly over, now Penryn's story continues with gusto!

Sadly answers are few and far between but there are plenty more questions with book 2 loosing none of the momentum built in the first as it charges revealing more horrors the 'angels' plan to unleash upon us. The tenuous relationship between Raffe and Penryn continues to grow as the line between friend and enemy blurs further however, if you are hoping for a soppy explosion of heartfelt D&M's at their reunion then let me burst that bubble for you now! but I think that's for the best as it allows the characters to focus on whats most important and find strength within themselves. As with the continued strength in the characters this story has everything I adored in Book 1, the action, suspense, humour and grotesque are all combined so beautifully making it ridiculously easy to read - so savour it while you can, I think it will be a long wait for the answers we seek in the grand finale.

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