Wednesday, 19 March 2014

All you need is a Spark

Amazingly Requiem For Readers has just cracked 5000 page views!!! I want to give a MASSIVE Thank you to all of my readers out there and to celebrate here is a special preview post for you… This little gem is due out next month, enjoy and thanks a million!xx

Moth & Spark - Anne Leonard
Available - April 2014

This is an adventurous fantasy debut for Anne Leonard and it sits quite comfortably in the traditional/historical fantasy camp with a medieval-esk world; swords, spies and intrigue, a great battle of empires and of course dragons!

What is not so traditional is the duel dialogue making both the male and female lead characters equally important even in a somewhat patriarchal society. The female protagonist Tam while being pegged as a commoner is clever, resourceful and practically minded, age both gives and receives strength from our Hero Prince Corin and effortlessly earns her place beside him. The dragons thankfully have a pivotal role, they aren't just a superfluous addition but a beautiful and rather complex layer that ties the story together. 

What I have to say I loved most however is the fact that it's a stand alone novel - in a domain that is fatigued with long winded series that often seem to have no end in sight this is a refreshing escape and a very promising introduction from Anne. 

Which cover do you prefer?….

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