Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Changeling Tale

Switched - Amanda Hocking
Pan Macmillan - Available NOW

Wendy is different to the other girls, well Wendy is different to everyone - namely because she's a troll...interest spiked? mine was too!

My thoughts immediately turned to horrific creatures with very little skill for english or personal hygiene that lurk under bridges and in draughty caves, apparently, I was wrong.
After long having thought herself abnormal Wendy is informed she is actually TryIle, being one of the many secluded communities living under the radar of normal human society. 

Now sure all of this may seem like a lot to take in but the worst shock of all was yet to come by learning that her family are not really hers at all but one she was advantageously placed in like a cuckoo (the term used is Changeling) so that when the time came for her to leave said 'fake' family she could take all of their riches and her trust fund with her.

Wendy as a character is your quintessential unassuming teen thrown into a magical world but I think that if I were her I would be asking more questions and demanding some answers - she's not nearly as pissed off as I would be thats for sure. But as to wether she sinks or swims in this new land I will let you find out...

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