Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Spanking good fun

Fifty Shades series - E.L.James
Random House - Available NOW (unless sold out, again)

Yes, I read all three - I'm a total masochist what can I say?
Ok so if you can get past the fact that for a large portion of the book Ana is the most irritating character ever written then you will at least find some moments of enjoyment - particularly with some of the sex scenes, which when not being repetitive (like most of the dialogue, plot and just about everything else I'm sorry to say) are a bit different and Ana's obvious pleasure does make them quite fun for female readers... you know what I mean ;).

There is some genuine character growth as you progress through the series and the writing does in its way, get better if a bit predictable, at the end of the last book is a great insight into Christian's experience of their first meeting which I found quite interesting, in fact I would have loved more of that in the actual series rather than Ana's at times incessant internal dialogue of 'Oh My's' etc.

As a whole they are a bit of fun and I applaud E L James for having the courage of conviction to write them and give women a healthy outlet for sexual tension. There really isn't a lot readily out there for women to assimilate too and Im sure that there are many women who have benefitted from these books, bringing them out of their sexual 'shell' and returning fun to their relationships and their beds and that, can only be a good thing!

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