Thursday, 13 October 2011

A Fairy Tale for the Newages...

Liesl and Po – Lauren Oliver
Hachette – Available NOW!

Adorable, beautiful, hopeful, gritty, enchanting and simply ineffable – are some of the words I would use to describe this new offering from Lauren, I mean seriously is there a genre this girl can’t do??

Liesl and Po is the story of a brave little girl who after losing her Dad is locked in the attic by her evil stepmother. Enter a curious ghost (gender unknown) and his(?) shadowy pet sidekick (creature unknown) who befriends liesl, in the best manner that a ghost can and tells her that her father is on ‘the other side’ and cannot rest and ‘move on’ until he gets home.

So Liesl with Po in tow sets out on a grand adventure to deliver and scatter her beloved father’s ashes under the willow tree of their old home, during her journey she encounters Will an Alchemist’s apprentice (and possibly the most adorable character I have ever had the privilege to read) and together they dodge the authority and various baddies that are out to catch them for separate yet nefarious reasons and make allies in the most peculiar of places.

Make no mistake this is a proper Fairy Tale in the vein of Dickens or Hans Christian Anderson and I loved it to pieces! It’s a fantastic tale for Children (and adults) of all ages and I will certainly be keeping it safe to read to mine.

Australian Cover Art - The best Magic of all!

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