Monday, 12 September 2011

House of Comarré Book 1

Blood Rights - Kristen Painter
Little, Brown - Available NOW in all good bookstores!

A brilliant debut fantasy series that's off the charts awesome!

With a brand new twist on the Vampire/feeder relationship where ‘noble’ Vampires can purchase the bloodrights for feeding on delectable Comarré – humans who have been bred through the ages to serve and satisfy the Vampire thirst.

The story centres around one such renegade Comar Chrysabelle and her very reluctant patron/protector vamp Malkom who has more than enough of his own problems, eternally cursed – twice, for instance.

There is also a whole host of colourful characters and other demonic creatures to keep things interesting as well as some really evil bad guys that seem to revel in the beauty of pain (albeit someone else’s).
This story has all of my favourite features in a good vamp fantasy – interesting plotline, black humour, hot chicks trained in weaponry and lots of lust, however a little less angst and some more action would be great....perhaps in book 2, we shall see.

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