Friday, 1 November 2013

Sci-fi fun for anyone!

The Conquest - Jennifer Ridyard/John Connolly
Available Now - New this month!

A brilliant and complex Sci-fi that will have you on the edge of your seat!

Set in Scotland after the strangely sedate take over of our planet by an alien contingent where they arrived and hovered over us for a matter of weeks as they just sat and watched as our carefully constructed society crumbled in the face of possible invasion. Then as everything fell into chaos they dealt Earth a final (and come to think of it, first) blow, cutting of the power and disabling the internet. Amazing what mass-hysteria can do huh? So now Earth is governed by the Illyri, an alien race not too dissimilar from our own and it is from their perspective strangely that the bulk of the story is told. 

What I loved most was the continual evolution in the plot, just when you think you have it all figured out the story reveals another interesting and relevant tangent, not merely a distraction but a further plot point introduced and explained perfectly with a delicate balance of information, tone and suspense... to give you more detail would give too much away, so I will just say its action, adventure, intrigue and a dash of romance all wrapped up in one pleasing package and I cant wait to see what surprises book 2 will no doubt bring!

Which do you prefer? Ours is the one on the left...

Friday, 25 October 2013

Cyberspace thriller

The Eye of Minds - James Dashner
Available this month

The Mortality Doctrine series is a cyber thriller that would easily appeal to guys and girls alike.

Set in a reality that could easily be our not too distant future where gaming has been taken to a whole new level. The "Virtnet" is entered via a virtual simulation pod know affectionately as coffins, once hooked up and synced in everything you experience inside the virtnet is unbelievably real, even pain receptors can be programed to make it feel as realistically painful as you can handle, given the many horrific and imaginative ways one can get hurt or killed in games this is a pretty scary prospect!

Our protagonist Michael stumbles across a sinister plot that threatens to destroy his entire way of life, given very little option but to see out what he unwittingly started Michael and his two closest friends find themselves thrust into a world within the virtnet beyond comprehension - even for high level hackers like themselves. Epic online adventure ensues with an ending that will blow your mind and leave you thinking "Whaaa?"

There are quite a few loose ends leftover and some pieces of the puzzle that just didn't quite add up for me so I'm very interested to see how James will bring it all together in the remainder of the series.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Wild About You - Series Review

A Werewolf in Manhattan/A Werewolf in the North Woods 
Vicki Lewis Thompson
Books 1-5 Available now.

Recently I was looking for a little literary escapism, you know the type... something you would usually read laying on a beach while on holiday, where nothing really terrible happens, they are  fun and light with just the right amount of drama? Well boy oh boy have I found it - and best of all? there's a whole series of these juicy morsels to feast on!

Each book is based on a male and female character who always have opposing views and chemistry that could start a fire making for a delicious mix of naughty and nice. One of my fave aspects of these novels is the constant yet seamless alterations of perspective between our two main characters, giving a detailed view of the emotional 'stirrings' of both male and female counterparts as it adds a whole new dimension to the mix, besides, who wouldn't want to be inside the head of a hunky wolf, especially when he's thinking all the things you secretly dream that men think *cheeky grin and knowing head nod*

 While they are fun to read sequentially they are always about different characters in the same 'world' so really you can pick up whichever, whenever you like. Vicki weaves together relatable characters, witty repartee, humour and sticky situations often climaxing in steamy liaisons. In fact while we are on the subject of climaxes, these happen to be some of the best sex scenes I have had the pleasure to read, thank you Vicki!

Grab a copy, a comfy chair and a beverage of your choice and enjoy - You can thank me later.

Friday, 27 September 2013

The Destiny of Men and Beasts

Tiger's Destiny - Colleen Houck
Available Now - This is the final in an epic 4 part series so jump on board now!!

This is a series that has had it all! Princes who turn into tigers, Goddesses that come to life and a whole horde of magical beings - a Kraken, dragons, mermaids, fairies, phoenix and even a mega shark (? strange I know). Throughout it all and at the stories core has been a tremulous love triangle and 3 characters that have become very close to my heart.

Kelsey Hayes started the quest to save her beloved tigers what feels like a long time ago but in the series spans roughly 2 years - two brother Princes that in the distant past were cursed to live as tigers. Together they face unnatural dangers and challenges that push them to their limits, forming an unbreakable bond between them. As all the pieces of this tapestry are woven together and ancient secrets are finally revealed they discover that their shared destiny is to fight far greater war than they ever bargained for...more than just their lives as men hangs in the balance.

Colleen's writing style still feels a little raw but her characters more than make up for it and the poem that she crafted as the novel opening inspires you to see the amazing writer she is becoming, here's a little taste for you :)

"Does rising Phoenix thank his sire
For embers black that gave him birth?
Does he too know his fate is fire?
Can he enjoy his time on Earth?"

Interested in this series? want to know more? here is my review for books 1 & 2

Friday, 20 September 2013

Get ready for a revolution!

Viral Nation - Shaunta Grimes
Available Now!

Whatever I expected when I picked this up, being yet another post apocalyptic/angsty teen romance/revolutionary dystopian thriller etc etc it certainly wasn't what I got - what I did find was an enjoyably layered story with interesting yet flawed characters, each with their own terrible back stories and strengths to suit.

The opening prologue packs a massive punch and sets the scene perfectly - showing us a lovely young family on the brink of tragedy. After all of the worlds problems have come to a head the straw that breaks the camels back is a virus and it hits Reno the same week that our little family are welcoming a new addition. Chapter 1 and we have fast tracked 16 years into the future and to a society of survivors indebted to a daily suppressant inoculation and the company of Waverly and Stead who brought it to them. The population of America has been at least halved and each city has been walled in (for its own protection..) its enclosed inhabitants focused purely on getting by, shell shocked from loosing so many and so much.

An aspect I love about this book is the heroine - not your cookie cut out strong and silent type that doesn't care that she isn't the most gorgeous of them all yet turns out to be... no, Clover Donovan is a high functioning Autistic. To Clover this means she has trouble reading people or empathising with them, large crowds and noisy areas provide large levels of anxiety and when anxious (which is a lot of the time) she will rock, flutter her arms or in severe cases smack herself in the head. To help her focus she has a bulldog named Mango - a service dog who senses her tension and will lean on her, applying pressure to her legs that she needs to get her out of her head.

I found reading from Clover's perspective fascinating and her character unique. Her Autism plays a very particular role in the story and it makes me wonder if down the track a link between the 'suppressant' and Autism will be explored…there is so much going on throughout this novel, most of which I haven't even touched on for you and I'm very much looking forward to uncovering some mysteries in book 2!

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Twins, but not as you know them...

Linked - Imogen Howson 
Available - NOW (in stores this week)

Sci-fi is just one of those genres that I would never choose to read of my own violation yet oddly enough whenever I do give one a go I vastly enjoy it – as it was with this space set YA debut…

Humans have colonised into the deep reaches of space and this tale is set on a relatively new terraformed planet named Sekoia – a society that looks picture perfect on the surface but harbors a treacherous secret. Enter our protagonist Lissa who has been suffering for years with attacks of phantom pain, not her own but her twins. Separated at birth, Lissa has no idea that the echo of pain she feels is coming from the real experiences of her twin.
As you can imagine the story really heats up when Lissa finds the truth, and her sister but while on the run from everything she knows and loves Lissa finds a newer stronger version of herself, re-assessing her life and the people in it, who she can trust and who it turns out she cant.

This is a fast-paced and exciting debut with a solid and interesting storyline, I really enjoyed the world/technology and the main characters with their different moral struggles and growth from beginning to end which I feel is rarely portrayed well in YA novels of late. I especially loved the way Imogen ended the story with good resolution yet a compelling set up for book two – which I definitely plan to pick up!

Friday, 12 July 2013

Epic Fantasy

Shadowfell Series, Books 1&2 - Juliet Marillier
Available - Now

I have to say Juliet Marillier is one of the Greats of the fantasy realm!
Her intelligent and whimsical writing never fails to fascinate and sweeps me away to another time and place all her own making. Her poignant stories are always chock full of strong characters, deep mystery and old magic...

This is traditional fantasy at its best as we follow Neryn on her quest to become a Caller strong enough to stand against the tyranny of their unjust King Keldec. Her journey is filled with tests and hardship, she makes many friends along the way but also encounters fearsome enemies.

This story is so beautiful in ways I had completely forgotten, for example the love story is slowly realised and the feelings portrayed between the characters are deep and true - the lust is there but expressed through a caress or dear word and so honest that a warm glow emanates from the pages. The natural growth of trust through friendship and understanding that turns into a love so strong and undeniable - reminding me of all Juliet's stories I have read and loved over the years showing me what love truly is and how to recognise it, in fact, I am positive that Juliet's writing has made me a better, stronger version of myself and lead me to the love I have today with my amazing fiancee.

While this is technically a YA novel I have found it just as deep and riveting as any of her adult offerings and I would have no hesitation to recommend to all audiences from the age of 14 and above. Book 2 Raven Flight has just hit the shelves this week, so if like me you are new to this series you get two books to dive right into before our torturous wait for book 3 The Caller.

Friday, 5 July 2013

I Put My Faith in 'Watever'

Half Lives - Sara Grant
Available - 09 July 2013

How far would you go to survive? That is the question I have been asking myself for the last few days in the aftermath of reading Sara Grant's new novel, where her characters were forced to make just such horrendous decisions...

What starts out as an ordinary and somewhat sub par day in the life of Isis (Icie to her friends) quickly deteriorates into the day to end all days - literally. Terrorists are releasing a deadly pathogen to all major US cities and within 24 hrs the world will be in absolute panic, most will already be annihilated in its path - this is what Icie is told as her parents bundle her onto a plane bound for Las Vegas with directions to find an isolated unused nuclear waste bunker deep in the nearby mountains at any cost. What follows is the quick deterioration of the civilised way people treat each other in the face of an unknown threat.

What's most different about this story to other post apocalyptic novels I've read lately is the timing, rarely are we shown the actual breakdown of humanity and what's even more interesting is that this is a story split in two parts - one part is Icie in the 'here and now' as the disease takes hold and life outside the bunker is vastly unknown while the other is from Beckett's point of view - an ancestor of the bunker survivors and his clans spiritual leader, presumably hundreds of years in the future. Slowly Sara pieces together the cause and effect from Icie's present yet past and Beckett's current world, the result is much farther reaching than initial appearances and posses not only one but two important hypothetical questions to humanities future - the first being how could humans be so callous as to inflict such a catastrophic disease on their own kind? and the second is how can we possibly protect future generations from the Nuclear waste we create when it can take up to 10,000 years to be safe? what language can we use to say 'stay away' when all our known languages may well be gone??

Alarming, insightful and often humorous in the most unexpected ways, this story will take you out of your comfort zone while giving hope and a new appreciation of the fragility of the world we live in.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Where Wilde Girls Run Free

Fairytales for Wilde Girls - Allyse Near
This is new, new, new and available NOW!

"There was something familiar but strange about her - Snow White with a suntan. Cinderella in biker boots. Tough and delicate and magical and real all at once" - Pg 96

This utterly original Grim Noir foe-fairytale is the debut novel for young Melbournian writer Allyse Near and I couldn't be more excited with the outcome. Writing by her own rules masking the old amoung the modern, beauty and beastly, dark and light are all combined and beautifully realised in this enchanting tale. Comprising of snippets of self made fairytales, profound quotes, illustrations and 'Dramatis Personae' throughout, breaking the book apart creating a multifaceted urban legend, then lovingly sewn back together to form a glorious whole. 

This book is truly a work of art and I fear my reveiw will never do such a unique story justice so I'm not going to give you a synopsis other than to say this is a story of a very different young lady Isola Wilde and her Brother Princes, all battling against their own dragons - themes of loss, acceptance, fear and belonging rise to the surface of this story like soapy bubbles from Mother Wilde's bath - relatable feelings among a fantastic world.

Pick up a copy and get lost within these pages and the mind of Isola Wilde… 

Friday, 24 May 2013

My Pick of 2013!

Angelfall - Susan Ee
Available - 28 May 2013

This is without doubt one of those rare books that genuinely thrills and excites the reader, it's so utterly enticing that I would gladly sit and read while the world burned down around me which is exactly what has happened in this post apocalyptic novel, where Angels have invaded and turned the world to ash. Their rampage has reduced the human race to a violently desperate, rambling hoard where no one is safe and everything is consumed by chaos and even more alarming is that it only took the Angels 6 short weeks to accomplish.
Angels? I hear you ask somewhat incredulously - aren't they supposed to be the good guys?? Well apparently not and seeing as (spoiler alert) we gunned down their messenger Gabrielle the 'why' will not be forthcoming anytime soon… for either side. 

Penryn would have to be my fave written character since Lani Taylor's Karou, sharp as a tack and loyal to a fault, I wish she was my new best friend (OK I admit, bit of a girl crush going on here) you really cant help rooting for her as you feverishly devour each chapter hoping she'll make it out of one desperate situation after the next. Her Angel ah..hostage? Raffe is tall, dark and mysterious with a dry but wicked sense of humour and the banter between the two is quite entertaining. But don't be fooled this isn't one of your usual YA romps, the romance in this book is basically non existent as our two main characters are far too preoccupied with things like surviving, re-attaching wings (Geew, don't ask) and finding lost little sisters without getting killed or worse, eaten (yep it happens). 

The fast pace and shockingly gory action scenes keep you turning pages till there's none left, it's no wonder that theres already a major movie deal in the works, mind you I'm not too sure I want to see some of those sights made 'real'....

Look all I can say is that its gritty, honest and unapologetically in your face and I LOVED it!

Want a sneak peek? Visit Susan's website for 5 free chapters! 

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Undead Soldier Slaves

Reboot - Amy Tintera
Available - June 2013

"5 years ago I died 178 minutes later, I woke up"

Gritty, exciting and a little bit morbid (just the way I like them!). Wren Connolly died at age 12 from bullet wounds to the chest, for most that would be a permanent end, in this post apocalyptic Texas however there is life after death as a Reboot, basically after dying a lucky percentage of the population reanimate and depending on how quickly you do so determines the amount of humanity you retain - for example, someone who reboots at say 45 minutes will have far more emotion than someone rebooting at 120 minutes however the 120 will be faster, stronger and have better healing capabilities…

Our protagonist is a rare breed even among reboots, Wren178 has a dry sense of humour (if any) and near complete lack of empathy that is as refreshing as it is entertaining. As soon as someone reboots they are taken into the custody of the government where they are sent to facilities to be trained as soldiers but treated like slaves - if they step out of line they are eliminated, simple as that.

Having had a hard existence as a human, being practically a slave has its perks for Wren - a roof over her head, four square meals a day…until something starts going wrong with her roommate and only real friend, Ever56. They are using the lower numbers as lab rats and the result is terrifying. From here everything starts to change for Wren as she also takes on a newbie to train - someone she never would normally have chosen and the lowest number through HARC in a long time, only 22!- is she getting in touch with her humanity… and if so where will it lead her?

This is the Australian cover - keep a look out for it as it hit the shelves this week!!!

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

More plot twists than a Bourne film

ACID - Emma Pass
Available - May 2013

The year is 2113 and England has been cut off from the rest of Europe after massive economic decline of the GFC making it into the Independent Republic of Britain (IRB) and its new governing body is a police force on steroids - ACID (Agency for Crime Investigation and Defence) who rule the populace with an iron fist, mired in conspiracy.

London has been segregated into three very different sections, wealthy Upper, Middle (as the name would suggest) and poverty stricken Lower. Jenna Strong a former resident of Upper and Daughter of a high ranking ACID agent has been incarcerated in Mileway prison after being found guilty of murdering both of her parents… albeit accidentally while rebelling against the life partner scheme all 17 year olds are bound to uphold.

This is an edgy sci fi story with a kick ass protagonist who goes through absolute hell I mean this girl is put back together more times than Katniss Everdeen! The technology is advanced but relatable and Emma portrays a scary picture of what could be making me feel extra grateful for how free we really are in our present.

Friday, 5 April 2013

Lifetimes of Love

Rising Darkness - Thea Harrison
Penguin - Available now, New this month!

"Oh good," she said. "We still have hours and hours." 
"A veritable wealth of minutes," he said.
She lifted her eyebrows and smiled, "A staggering fortune in seconds".

Having been immersed in YA  reading for a while I had quite forgotten what it was like to read an adult Paranormal Romance novel, its so refreshingly grown up! The characters are mature, the language and premise are so well formulated and in lieu of all the teenage yearning and angst is a satisfying yet tasteful sex scene or two (Yay finally). This is my first experience reading Thea Harrison but I'm sure it wont be my last, I had heard such great things about her Elder series that when this proof passed my way I was eager to give her a go. 

This story has one of my all time favourite plot twists connected souls and reincarnation, I'm such a sucker for a good romance spanning the centuries. Our two main protagonists Micheal and Mary along with 6 others are from an ancient alien civilisation of what I would describe as higher beings of light that almost predate our history, arriving on Earth after a self imposed exile to hunt down one of their own - the first of their race to break the bonds of a mated pair and seek to destroy for enjoyment. These poor souls have endured throughout the centuries to pit themselves against the 'Deceiver' in the hope of putting an end to his attempts at world domination, all the while knowing they can never return home. This ongoing war is about to have an epic final smack down and I cant wait for the next installment in the saga!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

I Am.

Nameless - Lili St Crow
Penguin - Available NOW, its NEW NEW NEW!

This new offering from Lili St Crow is a very different take on the Snow White fairytale, with a few of our old favourites thrown in (ahem Red Ridding Hood and Cinderella as co-stars much?) Also for good measure are Vampires families that rule like royalty and a whole horde of wonderful beasts and beings.

I have to be honest, she really throws you in the deep end right from the first page with creatures and terms I knew nothing about - I felt lost and more than a bit confused as I tried to navigate this new world that the characters were so familiar with. Slowly but surely however it all became more familiar and with that familiarity came a compulsion to devour, to know 'what next'?!

This particular re-telling is dark and Gothic with glowing magic intertwined with technology in a beautiful and sometimes superfluous fashion, charms used to ward off evil or add a sparkle to your hair do. What I found most refreshing about this tale was Camille or "Cami" our main character, found late one night in the snow - battered, bruised, broken and mute, she has a real sense of tragedy to her - jumping to the current day and Cami still struggles with irrational fears, nightmares and an unruly stutter that permeates her every sentence. The damages sustained in her past are as obvious as the scars that mare her body, that fragility and her continued existence speak so much for her strength and spirit read a character that has suffered a dark past that visibly shadows her future brings a necessary element of reality to an otherwise fantastical tale and it is so often the missing ingredient.

Friday, 22 March 2013

The End is Nigh

Requiem - Lauren Oliver
Hodder - Available now

As promised the last installment in the Delirium trilogy is here!

With a first for this series the storyline is split between two main characters, our on-going heroine Lena and a re-surfaced character from book one Hana Tate, Lena's old best friend. Having not heard from Hana in such a long time I was quite surprised when she popped up heading up chapter two and alternates with Lena from here on in, but the story works brilliantly shared between the two girls giving you the perspective of both Lena's Delirium diseased mind and Hana's 'cured' one post procedure. It also cleverly exposes the beauty and horror of both world views - portraying the truth of the situation at large - a country at war and its people divided, the cureds of zombieland who feel next to nothing and care even less protected as they are from passion and choice, against the rabble of invalids who are forced to live like the animals they are portrayed as purely because they want the right to feel and be free or the many unfortunate displaced souls that simply have no where else to turn, caught in the grip of the war nonetheless.

Lauren has a beautifully lyrical style of writing and pushes her characters to their limits which I can't help but respect. I would have loved more resolution in the ending as I find myself wondering 'what next' for many of the characters and the not knowing kills me! There is also a special treat for those who purchase in the first print run... a small Alex back story, highlighting some of his childhood in the wilds and his time captive in the crypts.

I would also suggest that you dip into the little novella Hana (available in e-book or bound in Delirium Stories: Hana, Annabel, Raven) as it gives you an introduction to Hana as a voice and catches up her story to Lena's in the Requiem present, besides what's not to love about reading more Lauren Oliver??

Sunday, 10 March 2013

If love were a disease would you take the cure?

Pandemonium - Lauren Oliver

Requiem, the eagerly awaited conclusion to Delirium and Pandemonium will be here in a matter of days! (the 13th to be exact, excitement much?) that being said I thought it the opportune moment to give you my delayed review for Pandemonium as often when I love a series I will wait as long as I can before reading to save on the disappointment I feel when faced with the lengthy wait for the next book, albeit not the best plan but it's all I've got! Naturally Pandemonium was well worth the wait and just as I feared it emulated the first book with a massive jaw-dropping cliff hanger (don't worry I wont spoil it for you). For those of you who likewise hate the wait and for some reason haven't picked up this series yet then this is your chance to discover a fab new author and a captivating new world to escape into.

The story picks up a little ways after the end of Book 1 and Lena has had to make some hard choices on where to place her trust while living with a group of rebels where life is tough and still mourning the loss of Alex, the man she braved the outlawed disease of 'Delirium' for. As Lena spends more time with her saviours she is swept up in to the rebel cause but even as she goes along with their plans she has the sense that they aren't giving her all their trust either.

Then there comes Julian who she feels such a connection with but can she really go there so soon after Alex?? Lena's story is full of bravery, heartbreak and suspense and I have a feeling that the series finale will be more of the same and shocking to say the least - let the count down begin!

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Two lives are better than one…right?

Between the Lives - Jessica Shirvington
Harper Collins - Available May 2013

Extraordinarily uniqe, genuine and clever, Jessica weaves an interesting tale turning 'what if's' into reality… what if you were living to lives? What if those two lives existed side by side, doubling your days living one day here only to repeat it there, and what if something big changed? Like what physically happened to you in one life suddenly stopped occurring in the other, what would you do??

Our heroine Sabine is written beautifully, you feel her despair and resignation, her spirit and strength as she bravely straddles her two worlds knowing her abnormality and doing her best to keep it hidden from her friends and family to keep them happy and herself safe but all the while loosing a little piece of herself in the bargain.

Just after turning 18 Sabine finds that a broken arm in one world has not transpired to the next as it would have done in the past which leads her to discover that her two lives can now be separated like they never were before, but with this new discovery comes a choice - Two lives or one? Would you take one complete life or two extraordinary ones? And what is really at stake? Sabine thinks she knows which life she would prefer however we all know life can change in an instant…so what (or who) is around the corner for Sabine?

Put this one on your must have list! you won't be able to put it down, promise ;)

Sunday, 3 March 2013

This Ain't her First Rodeo

Walking Disaster - Jamie McGuire
S&S - Available April 2013

As you may recall I super enjoyed book 1 Beautiful Disaster and could hardly contain my enthusiasm for the coming of book 2 luckily I know someone important so I got in early and I certainly haven't been disappointed!

This time the same tale is told by Travis Maddox, bonafied bad boy and womaniser though you know the story and vaguely remember what's coming next it's still just as compelling and had me turning pages faster and faster as I remembered it all over again. Thankfully Jamie doesn't go easy on us giving a genuine and at times, rather unfortunate view into the male mind (seriously dudes can be gross). I've always been a fan of a story told from a guy's POV, I feel like I've been let in on a secret society where all of my suspicions can be confirmed and faith in the male species restored, Travis has a confidence and anger that is rarely felt by a female character and the brilliant one liners where he and his cousin take the piss out of each other are gold!

Cleverly this time round an epilogue has been added telling 'what came next' for Travis and Abby which freshens the story and rounds it out beautifully giving a sense of closure for the characters and a real happy ever after, without this I feel it could have drifted into the realm of 'more of the same'.

This story proves that the one is worth fighting for and tamed bad boys really are every bit as awesome as we imagined they might be so keep trying ladies cause who wouldn't want their very own Travis Maddox?? 

P.S I already found mine :)

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Return to Paris

Until I Die - Amy Plum
Available Now - Sorry I'm a bit late on this one. 

There's nothing I love more than going somewhere far away for a holiday and reading a good book set in my chosen destination so, as I had a trip to Paree planned for Christmas I made myself hold off on reading this follow up to Die for Me knowing what awesome heightened holiday experience awaited me *glee*

Reading about Kate and Vincent's world while seeing and feeling it was really special, as I explored Montmartre or read in a cosy cafe because Amy Plum gives you such a feel for life in Paris that reading and reality blissfully merged together so effortlessly. 

Continuing the love story of Kate (human) and Vincent (Revenant) and their somewhat doomed situation the two are desperately seeking a way to assuage Vincent's constant desire to sacrifice himself saving others to save Kate for the harrowing heartache that it causes. The sequel builds on the already strong characters of book one and introduces some new faces and their murky motives to the mix, with major upheaval in the revenant world and everyone chasing after an ancient prophecy about the 'chosen one' its all on for young and old (or in this case very, very old). There was also another mystery moment between Kate and Jules…Is Jules secretly pining after Vincent's girl?? Stay tuned for certain disaster here!

So if you would love a virtual trip to the city of lights with a dash of romance and more than a hint of intrigue (and really who isn't?) then this is for you!

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Don't give up your day Job, oh wait, you already did…

Necromancing the Stone - Lish McBride
Available Now

I absolutely loved the first book in this series Hold me Closer Necromancer and let me tell you some of the events that transpire in this long awaited sequel can only be described as disturbing yet Lish's wicked sense of humour makes even the most morbid scenes incredibly entertaining! So much so that you will certainly be given some weird looks on the bus as you snigger out loud to yourself while shaking your head (hehehahahahehehehe….ahhh).

Meet Sam, no longer a fry cook but now a newly discovered Necromancer and the likewise new owner of a mansion full of disgruntled staff - if you call stone Gladiators, shrubbery and Gnomes with a lack of potty training staff - add to this drama, Sam's best friend has recently been turned into a were-bear, his baby sister has been threatened and his relationship has taken a severe nose dive, oh and did I mention a Gnome keeps pissing on his bed? Yeps Sam's got a lot of "stuff" going on  but not to worry he handles it all with a smile and some witty repartee. If your after a good fun read then I implore you to put this at the top of your pile!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Cinderella Story anyone?

The Boy who Sneaks in my Bedroom Window - Kirsty Moseley
E-book - Available Now (I found it on iTunes for FREE!!!)

Now I realise the title screams stalker but its about much, much more than that :) Here's a little on what it is actually about….

The horrors and reality of domestic violence and family banding together when things are at their worst. Its also a story of acceptance, of finding the one you love in the last place you would expect and as the story is set around a damaged 17yr old, Amber its has plenty of thrilling 1st's (kisses, times and relationships, Awe). Its modern, comical, suspenseful, gripping, engaging, endearing, hopeful and all told with an earnest voice.

But I guess above all its about good things coming to good people, because at the end of the day isn't that what we all want - a Happy Ending? I know its personally what I want, to believe that even though shit things can and do happen, that they cant define you or who you can become.

For fans of Beautiful Disaster 

Monday, 28 January 2013

Be that Cat

Days of Blood and Starlight - Laini Taylor
Little Brown - Available now

"Once upon a time, an angel and a devil held a wishbone between them.

And its snap spilt the world in two."

I simply can not say in words how much I loved this book. The stunning sequel to Laini's Daughter of Smoke and Bone is just as brilliant as I had dared to hope it would be - I know we've all had at least one let down from an author we have loved and been super excited for their next offering only to be disappointed, well that fear is not needed here!

Book 2 picks up Karou's story following the disastrous events of book 1 and is just as beautifully brutal in its prose with the story split between Karou and Akiva the two opposing sides of the endless Chimera/Seraphim war, both sides so seeped in blood and suffering that revenge has simply become a way of life - more means to justify the end.

The romantic aspects of the series are muted for the moment, exploring further the inexplicable war that rages on and brining each of these races to new levels of hate. The question is, can the voices of the  battle weary few speak to all, and will it be in time to keep the human world clear of the bloodshed?

Gruesome characters, beautiful monsters and enough mystery to keep the pages flying by, bring on book 3…trust me, some things are worth the wait!

Monday, 21 January 2013

Dancing in the Underworld

Falling Under - Gwen Hayes
Penguin - Available now (Books 1&2)

"Don't." His curt voice cut into me as if he'd just called me a name.

"Don't what?"
"Don't fall under." He closed his eyes and turned his head away, breaking the link.
I tumbled through darkness, awakening in my own bed with a stranger's heart beating in my chest.
 ~ page 38 ~

Theia Alderson lives a very sheltered life owed to her stodgy British father who anyone can see is just totally incapable of the love a daughter needs as he is still suffering from the loss of his wife and being, well…British. Her small group of girlfriends have characters that are a little left of centre but that just made me love them even more, especially their witty comparison of a Dr Suess cautionary tale to high school hierarchy :)

Theia is a smart character and quite complex, I really liked being in her head - of course there was the standard 'He loves me, he loves me not' internal anguishing but when you're falling for a guy thats half demon I guess its allowable, especially when he's making comments like "The darkness in me wants you the way a black hole eats stars" (does that give anyone else chills?).

The story did have a rather large twist that I didn't see coming (though probably should have) and an original feel that I haven't been getting lately from a lot of my YA reading which was nice and refreshing. Book 2 Dreaming Awake is also available now and Im excited to see what Gwen has in store for me next!