Friday, 25 October 2013

Cyberspace thriller

The Eye of Minds - James Dashner
Available this month

The Mortality Doctrine series is a cyber thriller that would easily appeal to guys and girls alike.

Set in a reality that could easily be our not too distant future where gaming has been taken to a whole new level. The "Virtnet" is entered via a virtual simulation pod know affectionately as coffins, once hooked up and synced in everything you experience inside the virtnet is unbelievably real, even pain receptors can be programed to make it feel as realistically painful as you can handle, given the many horrific and imaginative ways one can get hurt or killed in games this is a pretty scary prospect!

Our protagonist Michael stumbles across a sinister plot that threatens to destroy his entire way of life, given very little option but to see out what he unwittingly started Michael and his two closest friends find themselves thrust into a world within the virtnet beyond comprehension - even for high level hackers like themselves. Epic online adventure ensues with an ending that will blow your mind and leave you thinking "Whaaa?"

There are quite a few loose ends leftover and some pieces of the puzzle that just didn't quite add up for me so I'm very interested to see how James will bring it all together in the remainder of the series.

Friday, 4 October 2013

Wild About You - Series Review

A Werewolf in Manhattan/A Werewolf in the North Woods 
Vicki Lewis Thompson
Books 1-5 Available now.

Recently I was looking for a little literary escapism, you know the type... something you would usually read laying on a beach while on holiday, where nothing really terrible happens, they are  fun and light with just the right amount of drama? Well boy oh boy have I found it - and best of all? there's a whole series of these juicy morsels to feast on!

Each book is based on a male and female character who always have opposing views and chemistry that could start a fire making for a delicious mix of naughty and nice. One of my fave aspects of these novels is the constant yet seamless alterations of perspective between our two main characters, giving a detailed view of the emotional 'stirrings' of both male and female counterparts as it adds a whole new dimension to the mix, besides, who wouldn't want to be inside the head of a hunky wolf, especially when he's thinking all the things you secretly dream that men think *cheeky grin and knowing head nod*

 While they are fun to read sequentially they are always about different characters in the same 'world' so really you can pick up whichever, whenever you like. Vicki weaves together relatable characters, witty repartee, humour and sticky situations often climaxing in steamy liaisons. In fact while we are on the subject of climaxes, these happen to be some of the best sex scenes I have had the pleasure to read, thank you Vicki!

Grab a copy, a comfy chair and a beverage of your choice and enjoy - You can thank me later.