Friday, 17 October 2014

Archaeologist turned Writer uncovers thrilling new series

The Book of Storms - Ruth Hatfield
Available - November 2014

It's just so refreshing to read a great book for the younger market (9-12yrs) that still feels advanced while pitched perfectly for that audience, with a story you can say is original and exciting while using the tried and tested theme of a young boy embarking on a grand adventure!

Danny has been left alone at home while his parents go out in the dead of night to chase a fearsome storm - parent of the year material huh? when Danny wakes the next morning he finds plenty of signs that the storm has been there, but none of his parents so of course brave 11 yr old Danny with the help of Mitzy the next door neighbours cat decides to go and find them.

The story is filled with Earth based magic, talking animals and elements and of course a whole lot of adventure. Also delving into the passions that easily turn to obsessions and the selfishness that can result. In a wonderful twist the bad guy is an unusual take on the Sandman, a malevolent being who is tired of humanity taking all the credit for his brilliance, a character who's actions make him very easy to hate.  Over all this is a captivating and exciting story for kids of all ages and the best part? its part of a new series so watch this space!

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