Friday, 27 September 2013

The Destiny of Men and Beasts

Tiger's Destiny - Colleen Houck
Available Now - This is the final in an epic 4 part series so jump on board now!!

This is a series that has had it all! Princes who turn into tigers, Goddesses that come to life and a whole horde of magical beings - a Kraken, dragons, mermaids, fairies, phoenix and even a mega shark (? strange I know). Throughout it all and at the stories core has been a tremulous love triangle and 3 characters that have become very close to my heart.

Kelsey Hayes started the quest to save her beloved tigers what feels like a long time ago but in the series spans roughly 2 years - two brother Princes that in the distant past were cursed to live as tigers. Together they face unnatural dangers and challenges that push them to their limits, forming an unbreakable bond between them. As all the pieces of this tapestry are woven together and ancient secrets are finally revealed they discover that their shared destiny is to fight far greater war than they ever bargained for...more than just their lives as men hangs in the balance.

Colleen's writing style still feels a little raw but her characters more than make up for it and the poem that she crafted as the novel opening inspires you to see the amazing writer she is becoming, here's a little taste for you :)

"Does rising Phoenix thank his sire
For embers black that gave him birth?
Does he too know his fate is fire?
Can he enjoy his time on Earth?"

Interested in this series? want to know more? here is my review for books 1 & 2

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