Friday, 5 April 2013

Lifetimes of Love

Rising Darkness - Thea Harrison
Penguin - Available now, New this month!

"Oh good," she said. "We still have hours and hours." 
"A veritable wealth of minutes," he said.
She lifted her eyebrows and smiled, "A staggering fortune in seconds".

Having been immersed in YA  reading for a while I had quite forgotten what it was like to read an adult Paranormal Romance novel, its so refreshingly grown up! The characters are mature, the language and premise are so well formulated and in lieu of all the teenage yearning and angst is a satisfying yet tasteful sex scene or two (Yay finally). This is my first experience reading Thea Harrison but I'm sure it wont be my last, I had heard such great things about her Elder series that when this proof passed my way I was eager to give her a go. 

This story has one of my all time favourite plot twists connected souls and reincarnation, I'm such a sucker for a good romance spanning the centuries. Our two main protagonists Micheal and Mary along with 6 others are from an ancient alien civilisation of what I would describe as higher beings of light that almost predate our history, arriving on Earth after a self imposed exile to hunt down one of their own - the first of their race to break the bonds of a mated pair and seek to destroy for enjoyment. These poor souls have endured throughout the centuries to pit themselves against the 'Deceiver' in the hope of putting an end to his attempts at world domination, all the while knowing they can never return home. This ongoing war is about to have an epic final smack down and I cant wait for the next installment in the saga!

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