Monday, 21 January 2013

Dancing in the Underworld

Falling Under - Gwen Hayes
Penguin - Available now (Books 1&2)

"Don't." His curt voice cut into me as if he'd just called me a name.

"Don't what?"
"Don't fall under." He closed his eyes and turned his head away, breaking the link.
I tumbled through darkness, awakening in my own bed with a stranger's heart beating in my chest.
 ~ page 38 ~

Theia Alderson lives a very sheltered life owed to her stodgy British father who anyone can see is just totally incapable of the love a daughter needs as he is still suffering from the loss of his wife and being, well…British. Her small group of girlfriends have characters that are a little left of centre but that just made me love them even more, especially their witty comparison of a Dr Suess cautionary tale to high school hierarchy :)

Theia is a smart character and quite complex, I really liked being in her head - of course there was the standard 'He loves me, he loves me not' internal anguishing but when you're falling for a guy thats half demon I guess its allowable, especially when he's making comments like "The darkness in me wants you the way a black hole eats stars" (does that give anyone else chills?).

The story did have a rather large twist that I didn't see coming (though probably should have) and an original feel that I haven't been getting lately from a lot of my YA reading which was nice and refreshing. Book 2 Dreaming Awake is also available now and Im excited to see what Gwen has in store for me next!

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