Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Crime for Me

Bleed for Me – Michael Robotham
Hachette - Available now

Michael personally requested I read this and when you get a request from an author to read one of his books you can’t very well decline!

Having not read a crime novel before I was apprehensive at best, however my fears were quickly dispelled by Joe O'Loughlin a psychologist turned uni professor and our main character who felt self assured and dependable – I knew with him holding my hand we could make it through the inevitable on-coming trauma...

Set in a gorgeous little country town in the UK just outside of Bath, the story sets off introducing you to Joe and his moral code while at the hearing of an ex-patient, it then goes on to show you the wreck Joe's life has become after being diagnosed with Parkinsons and his resulting separation from his wife and two little girls.  

The story heats up when Joe's eldest daughter's, best friend Sienna Hegarty turns up at their family home covered in blood and then runs off into the night prompting Joe to find her and involving him with the unfolding mystery of her father's gruesome murder. His investigation leads him to the girls High school drama teacher Gordon Ellis who openly admits to encouraging his students to fall in love with him and by extension the subject he teaches - is this the case of an inspirational teacher or a self involved and sick individual?

It was a brilliant book with lovable and loathable characters in equal measures and a plot line that will keep you guessing till the end!

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  1. As the author I wholly endorse this review. Of course, I would, write that, but I hope to have coaxed this blogger to the dark side.